Cultivation is a person's inner character, which is the excellent quality he shows in the process of dealing with people. It's not as gorgeous as its clothes, nor as friendly as its appearance. It's just like a humble gentleman who can only read its prescriptions. What is cultivation? Self cultivation is the silence and smile when facing people who don't cast their mind and nature. The world is big and there are many beings. Under the influence of genetic genes and the shaping of postnatal environment, each person will form their own different characters. As the ancients said, a word is not speculative. Just behind the few words, a smile, let you show a different open-minded and calm. Laughter is the understanding of different voices, the persistence of self, tolerance and magnanimity. What is cultivation? Self cultivation is not forgetting when you are satisfied, not decadent when you are frustrated. Life is full of challenges and opportunities. Maybe today we get what we dream of because of an accident, or tomorrow we will face difficulties because of unavoidable reasons. In fact, whether we are satisfied or frustrated, we should face it calmly. There is no prediction in life, no rehearsal, every day is brand new, no one can predict the future. So, wind and rain or flowers, just a part of life, just a distance. Life will not be gorgeous because of a bunch of flowers, nor will it lose everything because of a storm. Therefore, it really doesn't have to be too happy and angry. Realize this, you will be more and more close to self-cultivation.